Intensive individual programmes

If you are looking for a block of individual therapy for your child we can specifically design an Intensive Individual Programme.

  • A thorough and complete assessment of your child’s needs.
  • A full and inclusive programme including all necessary treatment and therapy.
  • Provided for specific intensive blocks of time to suit your families needs.
  • Already valued by many families in Pakitsan.
  • Providing a thorough follow up programme for families to continue when the child returns home.
  • Regular telephone or email consultations between block appointments.

Family Services

We know how difficult if can be caring for a child with special needs and how little family support is available. We are therefore offering families a unique service just for them. Our multi-disciplinary team of therapists are able to provide two levels of service for families - clinic based or home based.

Centre Based

  • Consultation, advice and support
  • Family based counselling
  • Parent/Child interaction (including intensive interaction)
  • Mother and baby groups
  • Resources and library for parents
  • Holiday packs and "things to do at home" packs
  • Parent support and "drop in" groups
  • Parent training and workshops

Home Based

  • Tailor made home programmes
  • Developing play, language and learning
  • ABA based learning
  • Behaviour management programmes
  • Motor/Sensory home programmes
  • General support in the home
  • Designed to fit in with your families time and budget

For further information or to arrange an appointment please telephone
LCC on +92 42 35752962, +92 42 35753449 or