What is the Lahore Children’s Center?

LCC is a one-centre offering a fully comprehensive assessment, diagnostic and intervention service for families with children requiring any level of additional support (including those with special educational needs).

Working in partnership with education and health professionals, including consultants and psychologists, the LCC team of qualified professionals provides an integrated service for all children up to the age of 18yrs.

As a centre of excellence we are totally committed to supporting each child’s needs by developing programmes individually tailored for them and helping them to fulfil their maximum potential in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.

With the aid of well considered policies and tried-and-tested procedures, our staff help pupils to re-engage with learning, adding considerably to their quality of life both at home and in school.

Childhood Communication Impairments (CCI) course accredited by a UK university is being offered at Lahore Children's Centre. The CCI is a Master's level certificate course that maybe used as a pathway to a diploma and a MSC in Childhood Communication Impairments. For more information on the course deadline, contact LCC.