Message from our CEO

Lahore Children’s Centre (LCC) was established in 2011 as a multidisciplinary facility specializing in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of children with developmental disabilities. At LCC, we aim to work with children and their families using a unique, tailor-made program appropriate to the individual requirements. To carry out our programs we maintain a highly qualified full-time and part-time team of specialists, as well as trained volunteers.

Our integrated intervention programs focus on developing a child’s individual needs in the areas of: Early Childhood Academic and Readiness levels, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Feeding, Socialization Skills and Behaviour Therapy.

We also offer ongoing family support services, workshops and trainings for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

Thanks to the hard work of our specialists and the positive feedback from our clients, we are committed to developing and furthering our services in order to fulfil the diverse needs of our children and their families in the best way possible. I would like to say thank you for trusting us with the care of your children.

Detailed in this brochure are a wide range of assessment tools and more information about services provided at LCC. We hope to give you a comprehensive understanding of all that we offer. If you have any further queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff or myself.


Our Team

Speech & Language Department

Maryam Kamran: Certified Hanen Therapist

Maryam has been with LCC since its initial years. She has done MSc. (Applied Psychology) and MS in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of the Punjab. She has gained expertise in her field through various short courses, workshops and seminars including Childhood Communication Impairment Course (CCI) in 2013 that accredited her 60 units from Anglia Ruskin University, ‘Social Communication difficulty & Language Processing for Learning’ by Jackie Harland, ‘The Developing Brain’ by Dr. Zebulon Taintor and ‘Karismath’ conducted by Shad Moarif. Maryam is devoted to the field of Speech and Language therapy and has experience of more than 10 years. During her professional career she has worked in conjunction with foreign and local therapists to gain expertise in this field. She also worked closely with Jackie Harland (CCC SLP) and other lead therapists.

Maryam has diversified experience of working with children having developmental delays and disabilities, speech Delay/ Disorder, language Delay /disorder; higher order Language difficulties, verbal dyspraxia, speech sound disorders, voice, and fluency disorders. Maryam has special interest in complex need and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She has performed Pakistan’s first outcome research while carrying out her MS –SLP on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), which includes rigorous involvement of parents and teachers. In addition, Maryam is also trained in Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), total communication, floor time, along with being trained in SCERTS and Visualization.

Dr. Tanya Soomro: Consultant Paediatrician

MBBS (King’s College London) MRCPCh (London) DCH( London)
MSc Global Health and Infectious Diseases (Edinburgh)

Dr Soomro is a consultant paediatrician with expertise in developmental paediatrics, paediatric and preterm nutrition, neonatology and global health/infectious diseases.

She is a member of the Association for Research in Infant and Child Development (ARICD) and has ARICD certification to administer the Griffiths Mental Developmental Scales, the gold standard for paediatric developmental assessments for children under 6 years of age. Dr. Soomro sees children aged from birth to 16 years of age for medical consultations, immunisations, well-baby checks, health advice, feeding difficulties, common problems such as bedwetting and constipation, developmental delay, learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorder. She provides neurodevelopmental follow up for any child who was premature, low birthweight, or had any complications during or after delivery. She obtained her MBBS degree from King’s College London, with a Distinction in Surgery and the McDowall Prize in Physiology. She trained in Paediatrics, Neonatology and Developmental Paediatrics in London. She is a member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, London, and obtained her MRCPCh and DCH in 2004. Dr. Soomro has a Masters in Science (MSc) in Global Health and Infectious Diseases from the University of Edinburgh. She is registered as a medical practitioner by both the GMC and the PMDC.

Dr Soomro has expertise in the management of nutritional problems in babies and children. She has completed a 6 month Postgraduate Program in Paediatric Nutrition (PGPN)from Boston University and a 6 month International Program on Preterm Nutrition (IPPN) from the University of Wester Australia. Dr. Soomro is certified as a master trainer for the WHO IMNCI (Integrated Management of Neonatal and Child Illness) strategy. She has numerous research publications from her time at the Aga Khan University Hospital, where she worked on a large scale systematic literature review on interventions to reduce stillbirths globally. The research was done in collaboration with John Hopkins University Hospital and was funded by Save the Children and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

She has been working as a Consultant Paediatrician in Fatima Memorial Hospital since 2007.

Family Support Services

Shagufta Hassan: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Shagufta Hassan is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. She did her Masters in Psychology from Seton Hall University in New Jersey, USA. Followed by a two year training course in Marriage & Family Therapy at Seton Hall University, New Jersey. She has almost 10 years of experience in treating families, couples, adolescents and children at a Community Mental Agency where she coordinated the sexual abuse and domestic violence program. She also facilitated group therapy for women with postpartum depression. In her private practice in New Jersey she provided 45 minute one-on-one counseling to adolescent and post adolescent females with self-esteem and relational issues. She has extensive experience in treating people with mood disorders, children's conduct disorders, adolescent adjustment disorders and eating disorders in young adult women. She has helped parents of children on the autism spectrum and chronic physical illnesses deal with the anxieties related to these issues. Research indicates that family therapy or counseling acts as a supportive tool for families dealing with behavioral or developmental challenges in their children. She is a member of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy.

Behavioural and Educational Psychology

Dr. Mariam Haider – Educational Psychologist

Dr. Mariam Haider has more than 16 years of clinical experience with children, adults, and families. Her areas of expertise include conducting comprehensive psychological and psycho-educational assessments of children and teens with various developmental, academic, emotional and behavioural problems. This encompasses assessing Global Developmental Delays, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety and depression etc. She is also trained to conduct ADHD assessments for adults. Before joining Lahore Children’s Centre, Dr. Haider has worked as a therapist at Mindspace Clinic, a private clinic in Montreal, Canada. Moreover, Dr. Haider has received training in cognitive behaviour therapy and conducts cognitive behaviour therapy sessions with children ranging from 8 to 18 years.

Dr. Mariam Haider obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Child/School Psychology at the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. After completing her doctoral degree, she taught a masters-level course at McGill University which trained teachers in dealing with emotional and behavioural problems among school children. She has also worked as a Research Associate at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the SMBD-Jewish General Hospital.

Mahrukh Aslam: Clinical Psychologist

Mahrukh qualified as a Clinical Psychologist from the Beaconhouse National Univerity, Lahore after completing MS/ M.Phil degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. She has over three years of experience provided extensive evaluation, treatment and psychotherapy sessions to children, adolescents, and adults.

Her thesis focused on the effect that the marital quality of parents has on their children’s academic achievements. Her experience as an intern at renowned places like Ganga Ram Hospital, Mayo Hospital, and Jinnah Hospital, taught her that besides marital quality, other factors ranging from the macro to the micro level also play an important role in hindering the academic and social functioning of children.

For her professional development, Mahrukh has attended various workshops on, “Management of Behavior Problems in Children,” “Child Abuse and Neglect,” and How to develop an IEP for children with Developmental delays,” presented by the Institute of Psychology at Beaconhouse National University in Lahore.


Administration Team

Waqas Riaz: Account Executive